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MTS MBlaze Ultra 3G Plus Dongle : Prepaid & Postpaid Plans – 9.8Mbps Speed Rate


MTS India has recently announced MBlaze Ultra 3G Plus Internet dongle. The new MTS dongle is said to have smashing internet speed and an unmatched performance. MTS MBlaze Ultra has been launched with such an affordable price for both prepaid and postpaid services. It promises 9.8 Mbps speed rate which is really good! It offers buffer free video experience for their customers. MBlaze Ultra is coming with a price tag of Rs. 1,200 for both prepaid and postpaid services. This makes it more user friendly. However a bundled offer by MTS India is also available with the amount of Rs. 1,300. The bundle offer will give you the dongle along with 10 GB data usage with 30 days validity.In addition, customers to also get 5 GB FREE data usage for accessing YouTube. This is the best internet dongle for the year 2013. So, if you are looking for an affordable or cheap internet data card/broadband then we recommend you to buy this MTS MBlaze Ultra for sure! Check the prepaid and postpaid plans offered by MBlaze Ultra (AC2792)


Mblaze Ultra is said to be India’s first data device equipped with onboard apps. MTS India enhances BTS cell capacity, spectrum efficiency and peak rate, thereby achieving high speed rate as high as 4.9 Mbps in single frequency carrier and 9.8 Mbps in two frequency carrier bundle – (MTS India).

MTS MBlaze Ultra 3G dongle features – 

  • Affordable Price and plans than any other internet dongle.
  • Smashing speed rate – 9.8 Mbps.
  • Freedom from buffering using MBlaze – It offers seemless, buffer free video watching experience.
  • Upgrade Offer by MTS Mblaze – Existing postpaid MBlaze customers can get an MBlaze Ultra dongle by paying just Rs. 750 with complete cash back.
  • 1 GB data usage is coming with a price tag of Rs. 250 only.

MTS Mblaze Ultra 3G Plus Technical Specifications – 

  • OS Support – Windows XP (32/64), VISTA (32/64), Windows 7(32/64), Windows 8(32/64)- Classic View. Mac 10.5X/ 10.6X/ 10.7X/ 10.8.0/1/2/3, Fedora 9/10/12/13/14, Ubuntu 9.04/9.10/10.4, OpenSuse 11.1 and below.
  • Memory Card Support: Up-to 32GB micro SD card.
  • Dual LED indicators for WiFi and Network.
  • Dimension: 83.75*26.4*8.9mm.
  • Chipset: Qualcomm MDM6600

 MTS Blaze Ultra 3G Plus Network – Fastest Internet Data Card in India for 2013

Shankar Bali, Chief Operating Officer, Karnataka Circle explains – “We at MTS India are extremely proud to announce the launch of the NEXT GENERATION MBlaze Ultra dongle on the 3GPLUS telecom network. This state-of-the-art network empowers us to provide an enhanced consumer experience with consistently higher data speeds, superior indoor penetration and outdoor coverage.”


Heavy Data Users Plans by MTS Blaze Ultra – We have gathered postpaid and prepaid plans for MTS’s new dongle. These prices are really cheaper than any other 3G network providing companies. You will going to love their hassle free internet experience

Data Usage

Validity Prepaid Postpaid

5 GB Unlimited

1 Month Rs. 798 Rs. 700

10 GB Unlimited

1 Month Rs. 999 Rs. 875
15 GB Unlimited 1 Month Rs. 1298

Rs. 1199

20 GB Unlimited 1 Month Rs. 1498

Rs. 1399

Availability of MTS Mblaze in India – MTS Mblaze Ultra 3G Plus dongle is available in  –  Delhi, Kolkata & ROB, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh (West), Tamilnadu and Kerela. MTS has already pulled out its internet and CDMA phone services from Haryana. So, nothing new we heard yet for this state. So, those who can avail this opportunity, welcome the new fastest internet dongle in India.

Sources are saying MTS will roll out their smartphones by the end of this year i.e 2013, so as to enhance the use of 3G experience for their users. Other 3G networks in India provide a mere speed of 7.2 Mbps but MBlaze Ultra is harnessing a speed of 9.2 Mbps, this is surely a great success for MTS India who took a giant leap.

Now, accessing multimedia content is much easier and hassle free with MTS Blaze!

  • MTS TV – customers can watch over 100 live TV channels across different genre like – News, Music, Entertainment, Sports or regional etc.
  • Games On Demand – access more than 35 games like Tomb Raider, Age of Empires, Legend, T20 cricket, Aquaball, Covert Strike, Need for Speed and more … brought to you in one click.
  • MTS iDivine – get access to live ‘Darshan’ and more from over 500 shrines across.
  • MTS Entertainment – access the MTS Entertainment portal to download latest Bollywood songs, videos and a lot more.
[alert heading=”MTS MBlaze Ultra Price” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”]Price of MTS MBlaze Ultra with 3G Plus Network is Rs. 1299 and bundled offer – 1399 (10 GB data usage for 30 days + 5 GB Free data usage for accessing You Tube)[/alert]

Enjoy reading MTS MBlaze Ultra 3G Plus Network Dongle with such an affordable price and smashing speed of 9.8Mbps.



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    • Hello Roop,
      Thanks for giving time to our website. We don’t know about yearly plans. As you can see, we have mentioned only monthly plans as announced by the company itself. You can get this information from the retailers for the same, it may be available with postpaid plans from around 5000 to 6000. You have to check according to the state you are living in.

      Member at

  1. just took an mts mblaze ultra.the product is absolute shit it doesn’t even showed the speed of a normal 3g’s crap man and i lost my 1500 rs……

  2. Hello,

    I have purchased 14.7 MBPS MTS MBLAZE data card three weeks back but the company is not yet able to provide me the satisfactory services. The MTS sales person promised me 14.7 MBPS speed but MTS CC says it will be 9.8 MBPS.
    I am not able check it as the datacard is locked by the company for excess use whereas I could use it just for 20 seconds after activation
    First of all it took 18 days to activate it from the date of purchase.
    I spend more than Rs. 200 calling the MTS customer care for activating the datacard and getting the services.
    First they took copy of my company ID and driving license as ID and address proof, then I was asked to send copy of Pan Card and again I was asked to forward copy of my passport.
    The MTS customer care services are the worst I have ever faced.
    Every rep at MTS customer care tells to do something different to activate the datacard.
    I have complained twice with some senior person at MTS customer care but everything in vain.
    Now I am trying to return the datacard and get my money back but there is no help from MTS customer care.
    MTS datacard is one of the worst product I have purchased and the worst customer care I have ever faced

    • Hello there,
      We feel sorry that you had to face so many difficulties while operating MTS. We can’t help you in such case. But we are glad that you shared your review here. It will help others.

      Member at

  3. Dear all,
    I have requested for discount as I am postpaid customer since last one year and they are giving day to day offer to prepaid customer but no response from higher authority even I have draw attention for rare between 3.1 vs 9.1 are almost same with difference of only rs. 100 but no response.

    Also I had requested for yearly and half yearly plan at discount rate but no response.


  4. i recently purchased MTS 3G plus wifi Data card speed 9,8mbps 40gb postpaid plan,but i am only getting download speed of 1.10mbps.MTS sucks.
    Tata photon gives speedtest of 2.7mbps speed out of 3.1
    MTS sucks Tata Photon Rocks

  5. I also bought MTS postpaid 6 months back. I will simply state the fact to everyone, that if you wanna buy an MTS connection, you are just playing a BIG GAMBLE. The MTS dongles work properly only for 20% customers. But properly doesn’t mean that it provides good 3G speed. It only means that these 20% customers get around 1-1.5 mbps speed, with congestion during peak hours.
    I was not so lucky, so i am getting it permanently disconnected. I live in the center of my city, yet there is VERY LOW SIGNAL here, and i never got speed more than 0.5 mbps!!!
    Just buy a Huawei data card, and buy a Airtel/Reliance/Vodafone sim and enjoy quality 3G service.

  6. Hello,

    MTS is very bad services bcz i have already mts data card and one day i had recharge Rs.96 for speed test but it was very slowly working,

  7. I have taken MTS connect last monday. The actual package is 9.1 mpbs. Since the day 1 the doesnt even crossed 2 mpbs… and the response is very very poor. Till now I am following up for the resolution and there is no proper response.

  8. I had taken mts 9.8mbps dongle on sunday but i dont knw how to verify that.. i know they will cal me but i will be in class so i cant lift. can u tel me alternate way to verify

  9. Please grve detail i want to purchase mts mblaze itr speed, usage data,any problem please give reply anyone who purchased

  10. Mts Ultra wifi data card

    Beat all Data card plan with MTS super unlimited

    40GB @999

    14GB @700

    10GB @550

    Avail in wifi /USB dongle hi-speed (up to 9.8 Mbps)

    For Home delivery Free @ 9990617450,9136422500

  11. I bought mts blaze wifi for Rs1400/- three days ago. It’s speed is sucking. Sometimes it operates at speed 1.1mbps, then comes down to 100bps. It keeps on varying, even when the signal is constantly excellent. I want my money back, MTS !!! That’s why, people say, indian company,,,,aah, very bad, they are cheating their country men. They don’t have standards.

  12. MTS WIFI 3Gplus unlimited connection,5 device connect, roaming free, 32gb sd card slot, plug adapter free, 9.8mbps super fast speed Internet, discount on WIFI device door step delivery contact immediately 9143255678

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