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Facebook Redesigned News Feed and Pages : March,2014 Update


Facebook has redesigned its News Feed section and Pages. Many updates were rolling out on new look of News Feed already. Some people were able to see its new design, some weren’t aware of the same. You can now see larger photos than before, other major changes that are highly visible are fonts. Facebook pages are now more interactive than before. News Feed Product Manager Greg Marra shared some views to Van Grove of CNET; He said, we have used sans-serif fonts which are more like system fonts for our new design. In this way, you will have a more clearer view on what your friends are sharing.

According to new look of News Feed, you can notice that posts have now got a narrower look than before. Wider frame was used for posts. Now, it has been converted into a tapered view. It contains larger images, changed fonts. Larger images allow you to see them without having to open in a new tab. These are some of the major updates made under the hood of new design of News Feed by Facebook.


However, Facebook is still working on many other parts of the site, such as Facebook Pages. If you are the admin of a particular page or managing your company’s page, then you may have noticed some changes. Till now, shared posts were used to stagger between left and right column of your company’s page timeline (as both the columns were dedicated to posts). Now, these columns have got a more pronounced meaning. As you can see from below image, left column includes information about the brand or corporation and the right column now serves only Timeline’s posts. The left column allows you to invite your friends to like the page. You might have observed this option above the Timeline’s posts before.


Van Grove also asked Greg Mara that Why don’t Facebook released a full upgraded version to all the people at once? On this, Greg said, “We found that some parts of this updated design for News Feed were working for people, but others weren’t. For example, the left-hand navigation bar showed fewer links to your groupls and applications if you were on a smaller screen, and many people on smaller screens told us it took much more effort to visit these parts of Facebook with this design. We wanted to take the time to listen to this feedback, understand it, and make changes that improved the new design. That’s what we’ve been working on for the past year in order to get to the design we’re rolling out now

Well, Facebook is also making new changes to other parts of its site. Tell us, do you like the new design of Facebook’s News Feed?

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